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Whether golf is your passion, hockey is your hobby, or football is your sport of choice, athletic mouthwear can help protect your mouth while improving your performance and the health of your mouth. Professional and recreational athletes wear athletic mouthguards while playing their sport to avoid any injuries to their teeth, jaw, tongue, inner cheeks, and overall mouth. Sports are very physical and many objects fly around that could injure you. At North York Dentistry, our cheap dentists in North York want to prevent you from losing your tooth because someone elbowed you while playing basketball. 


How is an athletic mouthguard made?


At our dental practice in North York, our dentists proudly make custom-made athletic mouth guards for our patients who need them: 

  • Our dentists will take an impression of your upper and lower dental arches. 
  • The impression will either be sent to a dental laboratory or created in-office, depending on the type of athletic mouth guard needed. 
  • If it’s made in-office, our dental assistants will take one of our hard-essix, or UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear material and place it in the claps of our vacuum. 
  • Next, they’ll place your impression underneath the clasps. 
  • Once the material is heated enough, our dental assistants will turn the vacuum on and then stamp the material onto the impression.
  • They’ll let it cool, and then they’ll cut the excess material and buff out the sharp edges of the mouthguard so it sits comfortably on your teeth. 

Your “dentist near me” Google searches will surely be appeased once you contact us. Dr. Claire Benmergui will do a consultation with you and educate you on our athletic mouthguards.