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Dr. Claire Benmergui uses a strong composite resin that looks much more natural and is much less noticeable than a metal filling called “bonded fillings''. These composite fillings only take a single appointment to apply—which means you save time while improving the health of your teeth and the appearance of your smile! 


What is bonded fillings?

Bonded fillings is the procedure where a resin material is applied to fill your cavities or replace old fillings by using a special UV light. It’s an easy, light and painless procedure. Bonded fillings are also solid, durable, strong, and natural-looking. 


What happens during a bonded filling appointment? 

Our family dentistry in North York will firstly apply local anesthesia (if needed); remove the decay or damaged area of the tooth; clean it out and then the tooth is etched to allow the dentin adhesive to form a mechanical bond with your tooth. Next, your dentist mixes the composite resin in a shade that looks most like the surrounding teeth, and mould the resin to the desired shape and texture. Then, they’ll put the special blue light on the area to create a chemical reaction to bond and cure the resin material into the tooth. 


If you leave a cavity untreated for too long it may result in you needing an emergency dental service in North York or Googling “dentist near me”. So, if you feel anything in your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll quickly take care of your teeth without further creating dental problems.



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