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At North York Dentistry, your most trusted family dentistry in North York, we offer many types of treatments to save your teeth and create a healthy and beautiful smile. 


Why do we do tooth extractions?


Many times when dentists talk about extractions, they’re referring to impacted wisdom teeth, which can cause discomfort, inflammation, infection, and even decay as they come into the mouth and push against other teeth. In cases like this—or in more extreme cases, where cysts develop around the wisdom teeth and jeopardize the health of the jaw bone—extraction will be the only viable option.


But when it comes to teeth other than your wisdom teeth, performing a tooth extraction is something that Dr. Claire Benmergui would consider only after exploring all kinds of treatments to save the tooth. Most of the time, an extraction is performed if a patient is experiencing severe pain and requires emergency dental services in North York. If our dentists find symptoms like: 

  • Teeth that suffered from trauma
  • Badly decaying teeth and gums
  • Excessive bone loss due to periodontal disease 
  • Tooth mobility
  • Severe tooth infection that causes swelling and pus
  • Discoloration in the area

They may seriously consider removing the tooth to preserve the health of the teeth surrounding it, as well as your entire mouth.


At our dental office in North York, our renowned dentists offer extraction procedures to patients who truly need them. Contact us for a consultation and examination. 



Tooth Extractions - Dental North YorkDentist in North York