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Regular oral examinations and routine cleanings are just a few of the general care services offered at our family dentistry at North York. To help keep your teeth and gums healthy, we’re also happy to recommend and provide preventative hygiene services like fluoride treatments, sealants and dental probing aimed at remedying gum disease, tooth decay and breath control. 


What happens during a dental hygiene appointment?


Teeth cleaning at our North York practice is quick, thorough and stress-free. During your appointment, our dental hygienists will: 

  • Take x-rays of your teeth: we have to see if you present with any dental problems.
  • Scale: scaling removes plaque and tartar on and in-between your teeth.
  • Polish: our hygienists will use a high-powered electric brush to polish your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Floss: our hygienists will still floss your teeth to further clean leftover plaque. 
  • Rinse: this helps remove any leftover bacteria.
  • Fluoride treatment: this treatment is used as a protectant for your teeth to help fight against cavities for several months. 
  • Oral exam: once our hygienists are done with your cleaning, they’ll call one of our dentists to examine your mouth and x-rays for any potential dental problems. 

What is a dental sealant? 


Sealants are thin, plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of your teeth; they’re usually premolars and molars. Dental sealants are often performed on children and teenagers in order to prevent tooth decay during their cavity-prone years. 


If you’re on Google, searching for a “dentist near me” for your dental cleaning, Contact us to set up your appointment and we’ll gladly clean your teeth! 


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