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If you suffer from migraine or tension headaches, you know the pain and misery they can inflict. But what if there was a cost-effective, drug-free way to help you reduce or avoid your headaches altogether?  Dr. Claire Benmergui may be able to help by fitting you for a stabilization sprint at our North York dental office.


What is the relationship between migraines and dentistry?


Scientists believe that the way toothaches cause migraines is linked to the trigeminal nerve, which is the fifth of 12 cranial nerves. The trigeminal nerve provides sensation to most of your face, including your upper and lower lip, teeth, and gums. It is the motor nerve for the muscles used for chewing, otherwise known as mastication, and contains proprioceptive fibers. These fibers rely on their relationship with the body’s central nervous system and certain soft tissues, meaning it’s the one responsible for any sensations we may feel in our face. Since the trigeminal nerve is connected to the brain and our teeth, it makes sense that an underlying dental condition may be triggering a migraine. 


What is a stabilization splint? 


Stabilization splints have been proven to reduce headache triggers, like abnormal muscle contractions and teeth grinding by nearly 70%. Since they’re small and unobtrusive, they don’t engage your gag reflex like other mouth appliances can. Our family dentistry in North York can make stabilization splints, which are flat plane splints covering the entire dental arch. It holds your teeth together, preventing your upper and lower teeth from touching while absorbing bite force to prevent damage.


If you are suffering from migraines, you might want to book a consultation appointment with our cheap dentists in North York. To book, contact us so Dr. Claire Benmergui can take a look at your mouth.

Stabilization splints are also a viable option for you if you find yourself grinding your teeth, feeling pain in your jaw muscle, or just wanting to give your teeth’s biting surfaces and surrounding hard tissues some protection while recovering from dental trauma or a dental procedure. Why not contact Dr. Claire Benmergui today and see if stabilization splints may be a good option for you?