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Misaligned, crooked, and crowded teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Our smile is one of the first things people notice about us, so if that’s not up to par with our standards, it can greatly affect our ability to communicate with others and make relationships. At North York Dentistry, we provide orthodontic and orthopedic treatments to those who need them. We want our patients to feel confident in their smiles. 


What is orthopedics? 


Orthopedics is considered the first step along the path of orthodontics. Mainly focused on children whose teeth, jaw structure, and facial growth are still developing, orthopedics aim to straighten or align the teeth. Typically involving short-term therapies like retainers or other removable devices, orthopedics may actually preclude the need for future orthodontic treatment. At our dental office in North York, orthopedic treatments have proven to work in both cases of genetic and environmental malocclusion, like crowded/crooked teeth. Should further treatment be necessary, you’ll move into the realm of orthodontics. 


What is orthodontics?


Orthodontics works by gradually aligning the teeth using braces that have been bonded to the teeth. Different from orthopedics which are typically removable, orthodontics like braces may remain in place for months or years. Our cosmetic dentistry in North York, offers traditional metal braces and Invisalign to align your teeth into a perfect smile. 


North York Dentistry is the “dentist near me” you’ve been looking for on Google. Contact us to learn more about orthopedic and orthodontic treatments and if you qualify for them.