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Infection in the mouth? Puss oozing out? Gums swollen? Severe pain when chewing or biting? You might need a root canal at our family dentistry in North York. Root canal therapy can be prevented, but if the dental pulp and the area surrounding the affected area start to become inflamed or infected by the bacteria, a root canal may be done to prevent further damage. 


What is a root canal therapy?


It’s the process of removing infected or injured dental pulp from inside the crown and roots of a tooth. The space inside the hard layers of each tooth is called the root canal system. Our dentists will clean out the gums and the area surrounding the infection. Next, they’ll shape,  fill, and seal with a natural rubber-like material called gutta percha. After the root canal is successfully completed, restoring the tooth with a crown is usually highly recommended to preserve the tooth structure and provide strength for chewing.


Why is a root canal therapy done?


Dental pulp is found in the center of each tooth. It contains a nerve which extends from the tooth’s root to the surface of it that brings vital nutrients to the tooth. If a tooth’s pulp is injured, damaged, or infected, the nerve within the pulp will die and, unless endodontic treatment (root canal) is performed, the tooth may die as well. In many cases, root canal therapy can save damaged teeth by preserving the tooth in the mouth. However, in most cases, patients tend to wait until the last minute until they are in dire need of emergency dental services in North York before visiting the dentist. At North York Dentistry, we absolutely recommend visiting the dentist as soon as you feel any discomfort and pain, and to regularly make your routine cleaning with us to prevent any drastic treatments. 


At our dental office in North York, our dentists are able to perform a root canal therapy to those who need it. If you want to book a consultation or if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact us



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