Sedation Dentistry North York - Emergency Dentist North York

If you suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety, but you need to go to the dentist, North York Dentistry, your most trusted dental office in North York, is proud to offer sedation dentistry as coping means to your dental needs. There are many types of sedatives used in dentistry, and we’re glad to offer the following: 


General Anesthesia


If you’re particularly fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist, or you need major dental work done, dentistry performed under general anesthesia—also called “sleep dentistry,” may be a comfortable and practical option for you.  


What is general anesthesia or “sleep dentistry”? 


Deep sedation and general anesthesia is when you take sedatives that will make you totally unconscious during your dental procedures. Depending on your unique situation Dr. Claire Benmergui may suggest either oral medication, or intravenous (IV) sedation. This can be used during emergency dental services in North York to comfort and relax our nervous patients in pain.  


Oral Conscious Sedation


Many of our patients have put off going to the dentist for months, years, or even decades because of the anxiety caused by a dental visit! One option we offer anxious patients—or patients who need a large number of procedures done during a single visit—is oral sedation dentistry, where we provide an oral sedative that is taken prior to the dental visit, or Nitrous Oxide. Our highly trained staff will monitor your vital signs and your comfort level throughout the process and will make adjustments accordingly. 


Why oral sedation with nitrous oxide?


Nitrous Oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is a powerful gas that, when mixed with oxygen and administered via a face mask, blocks pain and reduces anxiety. Commonly used in many aspects of dentistry to keep you more comfortable, combining nitrous oxide with an oral sedative is an excellent way to eliminate feelings of anxiety associated with dental procedures. 


IV Conscious Sedation


What is IV Conscious Sedation?


In dentistry, intravenous or IV sedation is used to create a conscious sedation or “twilight” state where your body and mind are completely relaxed, but you are not unconscious. IV sedation minimizes any feelings of discomfort or anxiety, while still allowing you to talk and respond to questions (e.g. “Are you still feeling comfortable?”) or to react to verbal cues (e.g. “Can you turn your head toward the right a bit?) while the procedure is occurring.


In most cases, you will have no memory of the procedure, and because of the level of relaxation that IV sedation creates, you will need someone to take you home after the procedure is complete. The sedation will begin to wear off once you are out of the office, and you should be able to take part in normal activities within the next day. This is usually used during impacted wisdom teeth surgery. 


Sedation dentistry can be expensive. However, our cheap dentists in North York will work with you in creating payment plans, if needed, or contact your dental insurance for you to find out your dental coverage for sedation. Contact us to book an appointment or consultation.