I have found the dentist (and staff) of my dreams.  Dr. Claire Benmergui has a most pleasant office. All her staff is very friendly and efficient. Before Dr. Benmergui, I had painful sores on my tongue and my G.P. sent me to a Dental Pathologist at one of our best hospitals.  The treatment prescribed was three times a day using an expensive ointment left on the raw areas with gauze, followed by a prescription rinse. After three months of this, since it was obvious that this wasn’t working, she then gave me four needles of the concentrate in my tongue, which also didn’t work. Including waiting for the next appointments, this painful and frustrating situation went on for five months. A friend suggested I see her dentist, Dr. Benmergui. At my first appointment, she determined that I had a type of fungus, had it confirmed by taking a photo and sending on, gave me a prescription and the problem was totally solved before 2 weeks - Esther H 

  The entire staff at Dr. Benmergui's practice are extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Dr. Claire and her staff were exactly the type of people you want to speak with about Implants. She was patient, comprehensive, and honest about what she felt she could and could not accomplish. They have the most state of the art technology in their office, and I always leave feeling extremely satisfied. Highly recommend it! - Morris W


 The dental work I have had done at Dr. Claire Benmergui Family Dentistry has the best of both worlds; quality work done in record timing. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Benmergui. The procedure was over much quicker than I had anticipated, and I had zero complications moving forward. In addition to Claire herself, the staff at her practice are friendly and professional. I am always warmly welcomed and taken care of. Some avoid the dentist’s office, but that has never an issue for me! - Ryan M  


I am so grateful to finally find a dentist and staff who are so dedicated to providing great service. I had 7 implants done in this office during the last 3 years. All which had amazing results! Excellent job! Thank you!! Highly recommended - Mary P 


  I have been a patient of Dr. Benmergui for a number of years. In inheriting me as a patient, she took on the responsibility to find a solution to replace six missing teeth. Dr. Benmergui performed all of the procedures to 'install' implants where teeth were missing. I have had the implants in my mouth for over a year and am completely satisfied with the results. She and her colleagues provide excellent dental care - Eric B 


Beautiful smiles have always captivated me. Smiles are one of the first things that I notice with people, so having a great smile was very important. Before going to Dr. Claire, I had my veneers done and the results were not what I expected. My veneers were large, bulky and opaque. Before my visit with Dr. Claire I was nervous and unsure of trusting a Dentist to do the job right. Fortunately, I went to the right person! Dr. Claire has helped me achieve the smile I always wanted. The best part about my veneers is that no one would ever guess that I was not born with them. That’s how natural they look! Dr. Claire's friendly, energetic and enthusiastic team made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire procedure. I am so pleased that I have entrusted my family's dental care to Dr. Claire - Abby F