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If you have missing teeth or a missing tooth and you want a better solution (than loose dentures), dental implants come highly recommended. However, not all persons are ideal candidates for dental implants. If you don’t have adequate jaw bone mass, dental implants may not work. This is unless you get a sinus lift (or sinus augmentation).

You can get a sinus lift in North York, Toronto at Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic. Dr. Claire Benmergui has over 30 years of experience in general, implant, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Book a sinus lift appointment NOW and become the perfect candidate for dental implants. You can also call: 416-226-2500, email:, or visit us (Google Maps).

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What is a Sinus Augmentation? What is a Sinus Lift for Dental Implants?

A sinus lift is a procedure that is done to lift the maxillary sinus cavity and create more room to work with and anchor dental implants properly. Implants need to be properly anchored to handle demanding tasks like chewing. Maxillary sinuses are situated above the back part of the upper jaw (maxilla) (1). After a maxillary sinus membrane lift, a dentist has more bone volume to work with.

Who Needs a Sinus Lift?

Generally, a sinus lift is required if a person has less than 4-6 mm of bone height (at the back part) of their jaw (2). You may not have sufficient bone mass or the right quality of bone to be an ideal candidate for dental implants because of (3):

  • Birth defects
  • Periodontal or gum disease (resulting in long-term tooth loss or bone loss)
  • Health ailments like cancer
  • Natural variation (genetics) where sinus cavities are large or the jawbone is very thin (poor quantity of jaw bone)
  • Tooth loss (linked to other causes i.e. injury). The jawbone naturally starts to thin over time if you lose teeth.

If you suffer from the above, a sinus augmentation can solve your problem/s and allow you to have dental implants installed.

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What Does Sinus Augmentation Surgery Entail?

There are three main steps when you seek a sinus lift surgery at Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic. They include:

Step 1: Initial Consultation & Preparation

If you contact us for dental implants but don’t have adequate bone mass, you will go through an initial consultation with Dr. Claire Benmergui. This consultation will involve a discussion about dental implants and a sinus lift. Your teeth and gum tissue will also be examined followed by X-rays and tomography scans to establish your jawbone health.

Step 2: Sinus Lift Procedure

Step one reveals important information needed to proceed with the procedure. Different surgical techniques can be taken during sinus augmentation with the ideal approach dependent on your bone volume and type of bone graft that will be used.

Our able dentist will use the most innovative technique and consider other factors i.e., if you’ll need a dental implant in the future. During the procedure, the dentist will numb the treatment area using a local anesthetic or administer an intravenous or oral sedative. Patients are therefore assured of a comfortable and painless surgical procedure.

Surgery involves making incisions into the gum to expose the bone. A small area of the jawbone is usually cut carefully avoiding the sinus membranes. The cut portion is then lifted carefully into the sinus cavity to raise the membrane. Bone grafting material will then be applied to the newly lifted section.

The bone graft can be sourced from another part of the body. Synthetic materials can also be used. You should have discussed the best type of graft material to use for your procedure in step 1. The procedure ends when sutures are applied to the treatment area to close the incisions on the gums.

How Long Does a Sinus Lift Take?

Typical sinus augmentation procedures take 45 minutes – to 2 hours to complete depending on factors like complexity (4)

Since other factors may come into play, we suggest you book a consultation for a more accurate estimate of how long your procedure will take.

Step 3: Recovery After a Sinus Lift

All patients get detailed instructions to guide them in the healing process. You’ll get information on what to expect i.e., some swelling, discomfort, and other common sinus lift side effects, and what you should do. Generally, the common side effects last a few days and patients are able to resume normal daily activities in no time.

You can expect to be given some painkillers to relieve any pain and antibiotics to avoid infection. You’ll also get important information i.e., precautions to adhere to such as avoiding vigorous sneezing, chewing, and blowing your nose, among other similar actions that can affect the bone graft placement and increase risk of complications.

You need to return for a review as required i.e. a few weeks to a week after surgery (or immediately) if you experience severe symptoms like excessive pain, blood clots and bleeding that is difficult to control.

How Long Will It Take to Heal After a Sinus Lift?

After sinus lift surgery, it takes 4-12 months of healing to be ready for successful implant placement. However, there are cases where dental implants can be placed immediately after a sinus lift (5). Discover how long it will take for your case.

Why Seek a Sinus Augmentation Procedure from Us?

There are many reasons to consider Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in North York for dental implants, a sinus lift, and many other dentistry treatments/procedures. The main reasons include:


Over 30 years of experience performing maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedures and many other general, cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry procedures/treatment. Dr. Claire and his team of dental professionals i.e., dental assistants and dental hygienists have decades of combined experience.


Quick dental claims processing. We accept dental insurance and submit dental claims electronically allowing fast reimbursement within days. You don’t need to worry about the cost of a sinus lift.


Highly custom sinus augmentation treatment plan customized to meet individual needs. Get predictable outcomes & guaranteed successful and long-lasting dental implants.


Variety of dental services. Get a sinus augmentation, dental implants, and just about any other dental treatment.


Participation in humanitarian work: Dr Benmergui and her team have participated in many humanitarian projects in South America and beyond completing over 1000 volunteer hours.

Book a dental implant appointment now to find out if you need a sinus lift surgery first. Alternatively, you can call us: 416-226-2500 or email:, or visit our clinic Google Maps.

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