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Dentures are removable oral dental appliances that act as a replacement for missing natural teeth. They have been a popular solution for missing teeth for decades, however, they come with some pitfalls like looseness. For dentures to fit perfectly they must be custom-made with precision.

At Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we’ve perfected the art of making customized dentures. We are known for taking our time to do thorough evaluations and take correct impressions that ensure we create dentures that match mouth contours and bite patterns perfectly.


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Get dentures designed and made by a family and cosmetic dentistry team with special training, equipment, and 30+ years of experience making dentures that are unmatched in comfort fit, and functionality.

Ready to get perfectly fitting dentures? Book an appointment now! Alternatively, you can call us at 416-226-2500, email:, or visit us in person (Google Maps).


Types of Dentures

There are three main types of dentures:

a. Full Dentures

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth (missing all the teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw) full or complete dentures are a viable solution. As the name suggests, they consist of a full arch of artificial teeth supported by a “gum” base. Full dentures rest on your gums and rely on the lower jawbone ridge or roof of the mouth for support.

b. Partial Dentures

These types of dentures are used for tooth loss in one/both jaws. Partial dentures may rely on the underlying jaw bone or gums for support like full dentures, however, they have special clasps that attach to the remaining teeth for added support.

c. Implant-supported dentures or Permanent Dentures

These types of dentures (also known as hybrid dentures or denture implants) are permanent. They don’t snap in/out and can only be removed by a dentist. They come recommended to persons who want a permanent alternative to traditional dentures.

As opposed to traditional dentures that rest on gums and tend to slip/slide, implant-supported dentures are anchored to a patient’s jaw using dental implants.

Book an appointment and let us evaluate which type of denture is best for your situation. You can also make an inquiry on the above or other types of dentures i.e. immediate dentures, emergency dentures, emergency denture repair, and more. Discover more about dentures in North York by contacting us or calling 416-226-2500.

Our Process: How We Make and Install Dentures at Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic

We have a simple three-step process summarized below:

Step 1: Initial Denture Consultation

When you book an appointment at Dr. Claire Benmergui Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we will examine your remaining teeth (if any), entire mouth, and jaws to assess eligibility for dentures.

Eligibility generally depends on factors like the number of teeth missing, how long you’ve been missing teeth, personal preferences, and jawbone thickness (which requires a dental x-ray).

Step 2: Making of Dentures

Once the need for dentures is established as well as the preferred type of dentures, we proceed and make your custom dentures. This process includes taking dental impressions of a patient’s jaws and preparing a dental model. We have the technology and materials to build highly custom denture bases. The process ends with adding artificial teeth and denture polishing to give your dentures that natural look.

Step 3: Fitting

Once your dentures are ready, we’ll do a fitting. Since we have an experienced dental care team and use the latest tech to craft top-quality dentures, we are confident they will fit perfectly. However, if you have loose-fitting dentures with areas that need adjustment, perhaps because they exert some pressure on your gums, cheeks, or other area, we make adjustments at this stage.

The above information is a summary of what to expect. The process can vary based on factors like the type of dentures being installed. For instance, implant-supported dentures will take more time because a patient must first undergo dental surgery to have dental implants installed. There’s also a healing period. In some cases, a patient may also need to undergo treatment before getting dentures.

Find out the exact denture procedures you may be subjected to by booking an appointment with dedicated specialists. Alternatively, you can call us at 416-226-2500 or email Dr. Claire Benmergui at

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FAQs About Dentures

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Dentures?

If you are missing many/all teeth in an arch (upper/lower jaw, or both) and you want your confident smile back, you are most likely a suitable candidate provided your gums and jawbone are still healthy.


What Is the Average Cost of Dentures in North York?

It depends on factors like type. For instance, conventional dentures will be more affordable than implant-supported dentures. Other factors dictating cost include the dental treatment required (if any) before the dentures are installed, the material used to make the dentures, etc. 

Important: We accept insurance and submit claims electronically to designated insurance companies. Enjoy hassle-free direct insurance billing with us


Female dentist in a North York dentistry
Female dentist in a North York dentistry


How Long Will My Dentures Last?

It depends, if you follow the denture care tips provided by the dentist, your dentures can last years (over a decade). These tips include cleaning dentures daily using a brush and paste, soaking dentures overnight in denture solution, avoiding tough foods, and maintaining good oral hygiene (cleaning your gums, tongue, and inner cheeks daily).

However, even with proper denture cleaning and dental health, denture relining and replacement may be required if the fitting changes.

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